Treovr is the blog of Trevor, who seems to have a knack for putting together some interesting and unique content from all sorts of places. It’s still a new blog, but you will find something to marvel at.
mars 1
Visual Aesthetics – 7
The images included in the blog posts are something else! They will really catch your eye and hold your attention. I think that more work can be done with the rest of the blog, though. There seems to be too much white space, the arrangement of buttons are not very appealing, and the overall visual experience can use a little tweaking.

User Friendliness – 8
Treovr loads up pretty quickly, despite the amount of images contained in its pages. I don’t know if this will remain the same if more content is added, though. The archives are grouped according to general categories – they could be more specific for easier navigation. This will come in handy when more content is added.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
Readers will definitely find Treovr a joy to read – or look at. The images are not your run-of-the-mill content you can find everywhere. Still, it would be good to have some text to accompany the images.

Useful Info – 8
There isn’t much “practical” info in the pages of Treovr, but if all you need is to find unique stuff about art, science, and music – this is a pretty good blog to visit.

Overall Experience – 8
Treovr is still a “baby” and with a few tweaks here and there, this blog can go a long way. If I were you, I’d keep my eyes on this one.



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  1. Thanks Noemi for the kind review! I’ve only had it up for two weeks now and I’m making adjustments every day to improve it. The buttons have been addressed and they are looking much better now. I see what you mean about the white space… although I would like to continue taking a minimal approach, I am brainstorming on how to improve this area as well.

  2. Hmmmm.. That’s sounds interesting. I would check it for myself. Thanks for the links.