John Snyder – paintings and drawings

John Snyder - Paintings and Drawings
John Snyder – Paintings and Drawings
John Snyder – Paintings and Drawings is the the online gallery of artist John Snyder. Like feeding your soul by gazing at artwork? This is the blog for you.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
John Snyder – Paintings and Drawings is chockfull of beautiful art. There is no doubt about that. I feel, though, that the blog could have been designed better in such a way as to showcase the images more. Perhaps the images could be displayed in larger size, for starters

User Friendliness – 6
I fear that I found the blog to be lacking in tools that will help the user navigate the site. In addition to the archives, having tags or categories can help viewers discover more relevant artwork easily. John Snyder – Paintings and Drawings has a lot to offer, but there isn’t much by way of digging deeper.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
John Snyder – Paintings and Drawings focuses more on visuals, although there is some text that accompanies the images. What is there is definitely appropriate and enjoyable.

Useful Info – 10
You may not find much practical information (in the usual sense) in John Snyder – Paintings and Drawings, but the images more than make up for it. It’s a painting and drawing site anyway!

Overall Experience – 8
You have to visit John Snyder – Paintings and Drawings at least once if you consider yourself an art lover. The site has improved some, but it can still use some work. In any case, it still is worth a visit for art enthusiasts!



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