download music

download music
The Internet has done so much to change our lives, and one great application is the ability to share and acquire content. Whenever we want to download music, there are ways to do so without going against the law. That’s where BearShare comes into the picture. The legal peer-to-peer network has countless choices of songs, not to mention being on the right side with major US labels.
Visual Aesthetics – 10
Who can resist that bear in their logo? It sure is cute, and the rest of the site is easy on the eyes as well. The application is itself wins in the aesthetic department.
User Friendliness – 10
BearShare is very easy to use – both the web site and the application. Even before you decide to download the program, you will have everything that you need to know within easy access.
Reading Enjoyment – 10
If you are a music lover, and you like sharing your content with others, as well as acquiring new music, BearShare will delight you.
Useful Info – 10
With all the premium content that the service offers, no one can say that they do not offer useful information.
Overall Experience – 10
BearShare is not called the world’s best file sharing software for nothing. Not only do you get to download millions of songs and videos for free, you also do so legally!



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