Konkubines of dictators

konkubines of dictators

konkubines of dictators
Konkubines of dictators
Konkubines of dictators is a project highlighting images and text, with the goal of reaching out to those who are passionate about art and literature.

Visual Aesthetics – 6
The blog makes use of a default Blogger template, which could be tweaked for more visual attractiveness. Bearing the theme of the blog in mind, it really could use some work in this department. Images could be made bigger, for example, and other artsy touches could be added. The formatting of the sidebars and their content also needs to be fixed.

User Friendliness – 8
The blog archive can be easily accessed, and the same applies to labels. Since the blog is art-focused, however, the formatting of the blog takes away from the user experience, so this fixing this should be a priority.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Konkubines of dictators is an enjoyable read, although there isn’t much text to be read. What is there, however, is a good combination of images and poetry.

Useful Info – 10
In terms of “how-to” concepts, there isn’t much useful info here. However, the arts isn’t always about the practical thing. Insights and beauty – that’s what you will get from the blog entries.

Overall Experience – 7
Konkubines of dictators has a lot of potential because of its concept and content. With some work on the presentation and user experience, the experience should be a lot better.



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