The Secret Backup Blog

The Secret Backup Blog

The blog name lends itself open to wide interpretation – secret, backup? Yet when one goes on to browse the contents of the blog, it is easy to realize that The Secret Backup Blog is all about one person’s journey in life. This blog is as personal as a blog can get. So why the title? According to the blogger, this blog is an “experimental backup of my blog hosted elsewhere. This blog is about the random happenings around me, stories from the past and present, my two cents worth on issues as well as bits and pieces of literature and reviews.”

Visual Aesthetics – 7
Visuals on this blog are plain and simple – black text on a white background. A little bit of color and life (visually, that is) is added with the beige highlights in some headers. The blog also features photos and videos sporadically, sprucing it up in visual terms. However, I think the blogger can do much more in terms of eye candy.

User Friendliness – 10
The Secret Backup Blog is quite easy to navigate. There are two columns, the main one containing the blog posts while on the right, you have sections such as About Me, the Blog Archive, a very long Blogroll, some interesting sites, awards, and the categories or labels. This makes for easy browsing and searching. Even the newest person in the blogosphere will be able to find his way throughout this blog.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
I don’t know this person – in fact, I don’t know anything about her. That is, until I read through her blog posts. I have never been much of a fan of personal blogs. I think they are more for the writer and his/her circle of friends. Yet The Secret Backup Blog covers a wide range of topics that are presented from an interesting point of view. Despite my inherent wariness when it comes to personal blogs, this blog was able to make me relate to the entries and smile and even nod in agreement. The Secret Backup Blog is something that we can all enjoy once in a while.

Useful Info – 7
Again, when it comes to personal journals online, it seems that the useful information one can expect isn’t that much. Though The Secret Backup Blog is enjoyable to read, it does not present that much in the way of useful information. It does have some interesting and useful entries such as book reviews, commentaries on technology, and restaurant reviews. Overall though, not everyone can find the information useful as some of them are limited by geography (such as the restaurant list).

Overall Experience – 8
I’d have given a higher rating if I had more visuals to work on. All in all, a blog worth checking every now and then. It helps to read how other people see life from their eyes.

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