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Vicki’s Blog – Also Known as MommaMonster79

Quite a long title for a blog, yet it does elicit some sort of interest. MommaMonster? That was the tag that got me reading Vicki’s Blog. As anyone would naturally surmise, the blog is maintained by a doting mother. Vicki’s Blog – Also Known as MommaMonster79 will show you, however, that she is no ordinary mom. Her life, as she portrays in this blog, is wide open for anyone to read.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
The colors are very pleasing to the eyes – shades of light purple mixed with pinkish shades give off a feminine feel without being overwhelmingly frilly. A single graphic on the the header lends a bit of character to the blog’s visual as well – it’s a butterfly, by the way. The text is black on white and is large enough to read even by people with poor eyesight like me. The links on the right column are in smaller font, though. What could make this blog look better are a few pictures here and there.

User Friendliness – 10
The blog is quite easy to navigate, especially since a lot of recent posts are displayed on the home page. If you only want to read the last couple of posts, you would not even have to click on anything to go to another page. On the right side of the page, you can access old posts through the archives. You can choose to view them by month or even on a specific day of the current month. Blogroll, Categories, and the usual stuff are also found in this column. With the way Vicki’s Blog – Also Known as MommaMonster79 is set up, you will find your way around easily.

Reading Enjoyment – 6
I don’t know why but Vicki’s Blog – Also Known as MommaMonster79 just does not elicit much interest or enjoyment for me. Perhaps because it seems to be a personal journal and we do not have the same interests. Though she has some very practical posts, many of them are about mundane things in her life. So if you do not really know her, you just might not find the blog all that interesting.

Useful Info – 7
I am giving this aspect a higher rating than Reading Enjoyment because Vicki’s Blog – Also Known as MommaMonster79 contains some posts which are actually useful. Take for example posts on PayPal and banking, grandfather clocks, dental devices, etc. They can be useful for some people but then again for many they may not be.

Overall Experience – 7
A blog worth visiting every now and then. It is not something that I would avidly read every day though.

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