Mama Minutes

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Mama Minutes

Created by a group of mothers for their fellow mothers, Mama Minutes is a blog where anyone who calls herself a mom can relate to everything that has to do with motherhood. When I first read the title, I thought that, wow, a blog where you can read up on other’s experiences and share your own as well. I was excited, to be honest. Reading the posts did not disappoint. Mama Minutes is indeed a mom’s virtual girlfriend.

Visual Aesthetics – 6
Long blocks of gray text on a white background is not ugly but neither is it visually stimulating. The lack of pictures and other types of media is also quite evident. I think a little face lift in this area would make this blog more pleasing to the eyes. One thing though, the blog is very neat and well-organized, without unneeded clutter.

User Friendliness – 10
Due to its organization, the blog is very easy to navigate. You have a column on the right where you can view posts by category, browse the archive, check the “About” page, and browse their links. Unlike most blogs, the category link lists the names of the contributors so you can find their posts easily.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
I gave the blog an 8 for reading enjoyment because of the fact that not everyone would appreciate what it has to offer. For one, I think that only mothers would be able to relate to the posts. If you are an expecting mom, you just might find the posts interesting too. Some of them are of a personal nature and it depends if you are the type who likes reading about things like that. If not, then you might not enjoy reading some of the posts.

Useful Info – 10
Mothers and mothers-to-be will gain a lot of insight and ideas from this blog. Even stories of mundane daily events in the life of a mother and child hold a gem of wisdom that any mother could use.

Overall Experience – 8
The writers of Mama Minutes envisioned their blog to be an online venue for moms to express themselves when the going gets rough and I think that they were able to achieve that. However, the blog could use some work on the visuals and graphics. Again, a blog with a specific target audience, it is not for everyone.

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