Why is blogging important for  new website keyword rankings?

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If you’ve been in marketing long enough then you’ll no doubt have worked through various ‘content is king’ phases in the wider community.

Content is absolutely critical across a range of marketing fascets, from social engagement and reach to email marketing and product positioning.

But how important is writing blog content in support of your SEO efforts? Here’s a quick look at why, for a relatively new website in particular, blogging is absolutely critical.

Fresh content gets your site noticed

You’ve just published a new website… great! But to start driving organic traffic, you first need to get the website indexed by Google and other search engines.


Search engines have millions of websites to choose from when presenting their users with a list of search results. Most of the time, established and popular websites will occupy the top spots. And to get a brand new website noticed, you need to start flirting with the search engine algorithms to get yourself noticed.


Backlinks from powerful websites help, but so does a stream of fresh, quality, long-form content. Writing regularly and often in the early days will help prove to search engines that your website means business, and is trustworthy and worthy of ranking in search results even in its infancy.

Great articles attract traffic and brand awareness

Did you know that nearly seven in 10 online shoppers will conduct online research before making purchasing decision? This one stat highlights just how important great blog content is to educating an audience, and highlighting your brand as a potential solution.


Great content that ranks well in search results can bring people to your website, ‘free’ of charge, and expose them to your brand.


However, remember that less than 1% of Google users will search beyond page one. That means you need to be in the top 10 organic search listings for your blog to get noticed!

Write for SEO and drive citation backlinks

The best content strategies begin with keyword research and understanding what it is your prospective audience is searching for. From here, you can create articles that fit those search terms and rank well.

The upshot of this is that, especially for 1k+ word articles with lots of research links or fantastic imagery, is that readers of your blog are likely to link back to it from their own articles as a ‘citation link’.


These links are critical as they help power up your entire website domain, which in turn drives the keyword rankings for your products and services.

Write the content yourself or outsource?

The biggest challenge that new business owners face is a lack of resources – monetary, yes, but mostly time.


In the early days, spending money on getting blog content written may seem like money which could be better invested elsewhere. And with a lack of time, any articles you’d planned to write yourself often get pushed to the bottom of the to-do list each morning.


Outsourcing content writing is often a safe bet because you only pay for article delivery. Plus, working with a dedicated SEO consultancy means that the articles which are produced will actually start to realise some of the benefits written above, especially garnering more organic traffic and those all-important citation backlinks.