Sideon’s Sanctuary

Funny, witty, deep, trivial, thought-provoking. All these and more to be found in one man’s blog. Though this could have been categorized as gay this is one gay guy not obsessed with his exploits. His posts are pretty varied and shows a lot of his many interests and the different aspects that makes his life or at least his writings as interesting as they are.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Very very simple look. But as in most things black and white works. This could use just a bit of jazzing up but on the whole it looks pretty good. Add to that the nice pics and the racy images of gasp worthy men inserted once in a while and you get a pretty interesting looking blog.

User Friendliness – 9

Readable font (thanks to the fact that Sideon changed to a bigger font just this year), fairly navigable, no easily identifiable link to the homepage (the header IS a link), very few posts tagged (Sideon is just new to Technorati), and no way to go back up except to scroll (a back to top link will be useful since the entries tend to be really long). On the whole this blog is pretty user friendly and I believe will be more so in the future since Sideon seems to be keen on improving his blog and readily changes things if it will help improve it.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

A very entertaining blog to read. In fact I found myself going way back to his July posts since I enjoyed skimming each and every entry. Sideon is a very good writer with a funny sense of humor. He’s adopted, gay, and an ex-Mormon and though he writes about them he isn’t hung up on any of that. In fact he’s one cool guy. He can also be thought provoking and whether you agree with him or not his eloquence will catch your attention and make you stop and think. He is into memes and online quizzes though he manages to make the memes interesting too. A heck of a writer. A heck of a blog to read.

User Info – 8

A personal blog with lots of bits of information for different kinds of people. You’ll find plenty of lyrics to some of the best songs in this blog, some recipes, stuff about Mormonism, and lots of other interesting but useful tidbits.

Overall Experience – 9

Again a funny yet though provoking blog. This is one blog you won’t get bored visiting because it offers something new and refreshing in every post.