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Negros Island Online

All you need to know about Negros Island. This blog is both for tourists, locals, and those far away from home who might want to catch up on the latest about their beloved island.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

Negros Island Online is a blog peppered with apt images inserted into medium length entries in a pretty conventional layout. In short it looks pretty nice but it just lacks that little something that turns a nice looking blog into a great looking one. No real complaints though. Ads are well managed and non-obtrusive unless you try to read the entire entry, which you will then find sandwiched between to HUGE blocks of Ads.

User Friendliness – 9

Readable posts that are cropped at the right places to make sure they don’t eat to much space without cutting in on any important thoughts. The blog is fairly easy to navigate though as in many blogs the link to the homepage, which is the page header, is not just that obvious. The Produkto Negrosanon link at the bottom of each post isn’t very descriptive since those from Negros Island might understand but the rest of the world probably won’t. It is effective though if it’s a ploy to get people to visit their e-store because it would direct would be commenters to the Negros Online e-store. Apparently it means Negros Products although it situated in the usual Post Comment area.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Short posts that sometimes read like news bit and sometimes like mini diary entries. Topics are all interesting though and very much updated. No endless ramblings and everything is straight to the point. Images are mostly of the events and places that are entry topics with very few stock photos used in between.

User Info – 10

A very useful blog. If you want to know what’s really going on in Negros Islands and all the beautiful cities and towns in it then do visit this blog. You can find tourist attractions here, local news, upcoming events, festival news, ongoing job fairs, and just about everything interesting thats happening in Negros.

Overall Experience – 9

All this blog needs is a little tweaking with its look to merit a Bloggy Award. A travel blog almost and yet not, this blog does Negros Island service as it presents the real Negros to the world.

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