One Woman Marketing

One Woman Marketing
One Woman Marketing is Kelly Watson’s brainchild, and with it, she desires to show others that marketing need not be that hard.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
One Woman Marketing has this really eye-catching custom header that speaks volumes about the blog. You have to see it for yourself to get it!

The rest of the blog’s visual elements blend together quite well, although there is a lot of white space in the right column if you scroll down. This space can be utilized for a better visual experience.

User Friendliness – 9
One Woman Marketing is quite user-friendly. All the relevant links can be found either at the top of the page or in the right column. Users can search for posts using either the Archives section or the Categories section. The posts loaded up very quickly as well. The only suggestion that I have is for previews to be used, especially for the longer posts. There’s just a lot of content that you would have to scroll down so many times in order to see everything in the front page.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Yes, I am one of those who dislike marketing. I’m simply not cut out for it. Still, the posts in One Woman Marketing are well written and not too heavy on the jargon.

Useful Info – 10
One Woman Marketing has tons of practical information for the person seeking to know more about marketing. This blog presents ideas in ways that may be non-traditional, but I believe it gets the message across.

Overall Experience – 9
If you find yourself shying away from marketing blogs and resources, you will want to bookmark One Woman Marketing. It provides you with what you need without turning you off the topic.



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  2. really i got alot of information from your blog ,helped me in my markting plans,thank you