Watching In Wonder

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Watching In Wonder
Watching In Wonder is the blog of Trevor Scott Barton, wherein he shares his work in progress: a story about two brothers growing up during the period of the early Civil Rights Movement. The story is set in Clarendon County, South Carolina.

Visual Aesthetics – 7
The blog’s look is quite simple, and the background color is very pleasant to the eyes. The images included in some of the posts are really visually stimulating.

The template has 3 columns, which is great for organizing a lot of content. At the moment, there isn’t much yet, so there is a lot of empty space. One suggestion is to fix the format so as to make use of the empty spaces in the right columns. Another suggestion: make sure to use consistent fonts in the posts as the differences take away from the visual experience.

User Friendliness – 9
Watching In Wonder is very easy to navigate as there aren’t too many posts yet. More so, the archives is easy to locate in the rightmost column. I suggest making more use of tags and categories in order to sort the posts and make it easier for readers to find them by topic.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
If you’re a sucker for historical fiction, you will certainly enjoy Watching In Wonder. This is easy reading, and the topic is relevant.

Useful Info – 10
As this is a work of fiction, you can’t really pick up tips and practical information as with other blogs. However, there is bound to be a lot of insight and information on this period in history.

Overall Experience – 8
Watching In Wonder is a work in progress, true; but it shows a lot of potential. If you are looking for something new to read, this might do the trick for you.



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