Strat-Talking is a blog that aims to help both freelancers and permanent workers to have a better future through strategies given by the blog. The blog is owned by Greg Dillon who is successful in the field of helping people achieve their dreams by doing the right moves. He has been providing strategies that work and was able to deliver quality service for different kinds of clients with different kinds of needs in the chosen industry. The blog is beneficial for anyone who wants progress, who can handle results of risks and who can finally decide to start a development in his or her chosen field.
Visual Aesthetics – 10

Visual Aesthetics for this blog is quite impressive as the theme and the combination of black and red may seem to be fit in this era. It is sleek, modern and tasteful. The blog has its own character that surely is inviting.

User Friendliness – 10

Clicking your mouse, that is how the blog can be defined. The navigation of buttons is as easy as clicking your mouse. You really do not have to go through loop holes and other complicated pages just to get through the desired pages.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

As one of the still rarest topics that most people search in the internet today, the reading enjoyment of the materials provided by the blog is quite excellent. People who are starting in any field to earn will benefit from the articles available in the blog. This blog is a must visit.

Useful Info – 10

As long as you can apply the strategies given by the site, don’t you think it’s useful? Well, of course the blog’s content is useful and can be of help for both freelancers and people who have permanent work. You will only gain and never loss information from this blog.

Overall Experience 10

Once you have visited the site, you will discover a lot of useful tips and tricks that you may have not thought of before. Once you have read and learned strategies and the like in the site, and once you have incorporated these useful information in your current state, then I can say that the overall experience that this site has given me is perfect ten. Start gaining experience by just reading the blog.



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