Nerdy Girl: Around The World

Nerdy Girl: Around The World
Nerdy Girl: Around The World is not just another blog about “studying abroad,” as blogger Joanna Lang herself put it. View life from the perspective of a young woman who is currently in Berlin – and it seems like a wonderful world, indeed.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
Nerdy Girl: Around The World has a very simple look. Truth be told, there is nothing extraordinary about the overall visuals of the blog. However, I couldn’t help but be amused by the photos contained in the posts. They do emanate such feelings of fun!

User Friendliness – 6
Initially, I didn’t have any issues with the blog in the user friendliness category. The pages loaded up so quickly. The links are all found easily. The fact that there aren’t too many posts yet really helped. Then I tried clicking on old posts in the Archives. It said “Blog not found.” I think a problem occurred when Joanna changed the name of the blog.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
There is something to be said about Joanna’s writing – it makes for a fun read! I have no idea who she is, but I did enjoy reading about Sven, her fitness trainer, among other things. I am sure that more enjoyable posts are to come.

Useful Info – 6
Not much by way of useful information here – as it could be with most personal blogs. I think that the reading enjoyment aspect more than makes up for it, though.

Overall Experience – 8
Nerdy Girl: Around The World has huge potential. Joanna seems to be the type to look at things from a unique perspective, and in spite of the glitches that I encountered, I am positive that this blog can gain wider readership. What do you say to giving this blog a chance?



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  1. Hi Nonesuch! You’re right – I just checked it again. Perhaps the blogger changed her URL as at the time of the review, I was also having problems accessing the posts in the archive. Let’s hope Nerdy Girl gets back to us!

  2. Sorry that this response is so late… but I never actually saw this comment section and at the time the whole world of blogging was very, very new to me. Now I am fully set up at with archives, pictures, and lots of new stuff! Including my night at the Avatar Premiere in London!

    Please, please come back… 🙂

  3. I think Joanna is really awesome, this blog really adds to the zeitgeist. Makes me wish I went to Europe with her and had her mom send me blackberry messages. She is also really good at most other things in life.