Trailer Trash With a Girl’s Name

Trailer Trash With a Girls Name

Trailer Trash With a Girls Name
Trailer Trash With a Girl’s Name
Trailer Trash With a Girl’s Name is Stacey Robert’s blog, where he shares his life experiences. Not everyone can say that he was forced to wander the land in a Winnebago for 5 years! (Yes, that is part of what you will read in the blog!)

Visual Aesthetics – 6
The blog uses a standard Blogger template, which is totally fine. The colors are easy on the eyes as well. However, the blog can really use some visual tweaking to make it more appealing. For starters, images to break up long text will help a lot.

User Friendliness – 7
There isn’t a lot of content in the blog yet, so it is easy to browse through the entries via the archives, which is handily accessible in the right sidebar. The formatting can use some work, though. For example, really long entries can be shown as snippets on the homepage, to make scrolling too much unnecessary. Additionally, the font size can be larger, to make the reading experience better.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
This blog is a funny read, you can bet on that!

Useful Info – 10
This is not a how-to blog, so you might not find a lot of practical information in that sense. However, you can always learn a lot from personal experiences, and incidentally, you’ll have some fun while you’re at it in this case.

Overall Experience – 7
Trailer Trash With a Girl’s Name is one humorous personal blog. There is no doubt that Stacey’s life experiences make for a good read.



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