Live Junk

Live Junk
Live Junk is the baby of Arianne Grace C. Birog, a young lady from the Philippines. It is her personal blog, which also showcases her artwork. You just might see some interesting art here.

Visual Aesthetics – 7
Truth be told, I was a tad disappointed when I first saw Live Junk. The header is pleasant enough to look at, but I feel that it could provide more contrast to the dark (black) background. The posts themselves are not very visually stimulating. However, the artwork section kinda makes up for this.

User Friendliness – 8
Live Junk has links to the relevant sections at the top of the page, making it relatively easy to browse. I would have liked to see a section containing tags or categories, though.

Reading Enjoyment – 8
What I like about Live Junk is the artwork section. There are a lot of photos and drawings created by Arianne, many of them relating to her school and its basketball team.

Useful Info – 6
There isn’t much by way of useful information in Live Junk. Since it is a personal blog, however, I think that people who know Arianne will find more useful information than I did.

Overall Experience – 7
Live Junk is worth checking out, if only because of the artwork. I suggest working a little bit on more eye candy in the main blog section.



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