Gothic Misfit

Gothic Misfit
Gothic Misfit
Gothic Misfit is the blog of Christopher, who shares his thoughts, experiences, and a whole lot of other stuff. There is a proclivity for technical topics, but do not be surprised if you encounter a poem here and there.

Visual Aesthetics – 7
I absolutely love the header of Gothic Misfit, although I do not know if it is a code representing some concept. One look at the header, and you know you are in for a cool time. The blog could use a little more sprucing up in terms of visual aesthetics, though.

User Friendliness – 9
Gothic Misfit loads up very quickly, and is relatively easy to navigate. Christopher has provided links to his pages at the top of the page, although these pages need a little more work in terms of content. You can also easily navigate the blog via the drop down menu in the right side bar.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
If you like reading about technology, writing, and poems, you will enjoy Gothic Misfit. The collection of posts is really eclectic, and especially when the content is built up, there is something for everyone.

Useful Info – 9
Gothic Misfit has a strong leaning toward technology, and if you are looking for useful information on this topic, you will might find it in the blog. There are also posts that will give you some insight and even ideas for personal development.

Overall Experience – 8
Gothic Misfit is a personal blog, and hence it offers a variety of topics. If you have the same interests as Christopher, you just might make a connection!



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