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GarryRogers A Writer’s Website
Garry Rogers is a writer of fiction & natural history about animals – among other things. Everything you need to know about him and things that interest him, you’ll find in his blog.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
The header of Garry Rogers‘s blog is very fitting – the cat as a personal touch included. The theme is dark, which is great if you like dark themes. The fonts and colors generally work well, although a little tweaking with the sharing buttons and colors of the tweets can be made.

User Friendliness – 10
There is quite a lot of content to discover in the blog, but you won’t get lost. All you need for navigation can be found on the left sidebar. Links in the blog posts can also be found when necessary. And, even if the theme uses dark colors, the fonts are sized and contrasted properly, making for easy reading.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Whether you’re a writer or a reader, you will enjoy reading the blog. This will be even more applicable if you are interested in the environment and wildlife.

Useful Info – 10
Writers can find some tips. Readers will discover new things. People who are passionate about conserving the environment and wildlife will find a lot to read and think about.

Overall Experience – 9
This may be the first time that Garry Rogers the writer may fall on your radar, but you won’t regret visiting his blog and knowing more about him and his work.



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