Womanly Parts

Bloggy Award

A Woman of Many Parts

This site poignantly describes one woman’s journey to surviving breast cancer.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

It is a fresh and attractive blog with a youthful flare. I thoroughly enjoyed the pink and orange colors and the header image, as well as the continuity of the design. The white text stands out perfectly against the bright colors.

User Friendliness – 9

It contains a well-organized side bar that highlights all recent comments and the best postings on the site. There is also an extensive listing of recommended readings. This is a blogger committed to her site, and there is a large amount of content with lengthy postings.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

This is obviously quite a skilled writer. The posts are beautifully written and provide very personal details primarily related to the experience of breast cancer. I would imagine that it would be both extremely comforting and informative to anyone facing this struggle.

Useful Info – 10

This website is unique in providing an extremely in-depth view into the author’s experience. It is a window into her most private thoughts, which can be universally understood and appreciated. As an addition, it might be interesting to know what educational sites the author has found useful in her own research on breast cancer.

Overall Experience – 10

This blog is compelling and beautifully composed, providing insight into the hugely significant topic of breast cancer. It is apparently resonating with many readers, as there is a high level of reader participation and many reader comments per post.