Useless Men

Useless Men

Useless Advice From Useless Men

Filled with humor, this blog takes the Dear Abby format to new heights by focusing on the quirks and idiosynchrosies of modern men. This is the Curb Your Enthusiasm of blogs.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

The blog use a generic Blogger theme, but the layout is clean and modern. The site could use a few more pictures to liven things up a bit.

User Friendliness – 7

The blog would benefit from using categories so that users could thematically read through old posts. On a humor site like this, categories would be especially handy – it would enable the reader to effectively read through one long joke. Still, the navigation is simple and we especially like the fact that users are able to post their own questions about useless men!

Reading Enjoyment – 10

The writing at this blog is brilliant and hillarious. Anyone familiar with the plight of modern men, and their common quirks will certainly bust a gut or two while reading through the posts. The sad thing is, so much of this stuff is true (how many mumbling men do you know?!).

Useful Info – 9

While the blog doesn’t offer any real practical advice, it shines by offering a huge dose of comedy. If you’re looking for humor, you’ll find that this site hits the spot…perfectly.

Overall Experience – 9

We loved this site. It literally made my day to read most of the posts and get in some of the best laughs since Seinfeld (or maybe Curb Your Enthusiasm!). This site would be a clear candidate for a Bloggy Award if it ramped up its visual design and provided more useful navigation tools for the reader. Hey, the next time your husband won’t fix the clogged drain, cheer yourself up by visiting Useless Advice From Useless Men.