Coffee Sage

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Coffee Sage

A site that shares wisdom on coffee and tea, and offers reviews on related products.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

This site appears cluttered, especially with advertisements that seem intrusive and poorly placed, distracting from the site content. It would be helpful to have a stronger header image.

User Friendliness – 6

There are buttons at the very top to help navigate the site, and two very prominent boxes provide highlights for recent news and featured sites. However, overall it is disorganized and confusing. The blogger indicates that the website provides reviews, though these reviews were not obvious in my exploration of the site.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

For a coffee or tea enthusiast, there are several interesting articles providing facts on the subject, plus some “how-to” information on using coffee related products. In general the reading content was sparse.

Useful Info – 7

This blog does not sell coffee or tea products, but it does provide recommendations and a variety of links to retailers. Being quite a coffee lover myself, I most appreciated the section of this website that indicated how to access free samples and coupons from popular coffee brands.

Overall Experience – 6

This blog does have a few posts that are interesting and useful, such as tips for getting free samples, but it takes a good bit of time to sift through the advertisements to get there. With some reorganizing and added content, the site could have more potential. Overall it is a bit “weak” and could use a caffeine infusion.