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Wise Living Journal
Wise Living Journal

Wise Living Journal
Wise Living Journal is a one-stop shop for everything that you need to know to make the most of your life. We live in hectic times, with priorities sometimes twisted, and the info that you get from this blog can definitely make life better.

Visual Aesthetics – 10
I like the overall look of Wise Living Journal – from its color scheme to the layout. The dominant colors are orange and various shades, and the scheme gives one a feeling of warmth. The overall look is simple and uncluttered and the need for added visuals is taken care of by the in-post images.

User Friendliness – 10
Wise Living Journal is very user friendly. From the get go, you will not encounter any problems loading the site. You will also find the navigation an ease, with the relevant links – recent posts, categories, and archives – all neatly displayed in the left sidebar. More so, you can find in-post links that will lead you to more in-depth information.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
I found it a joy to go through the posts in Wise Living Journal. With well-written content and useful information, that is really not a surprise!

Useful Info – 7
For people who are looking to live more wisely, Wise Living Journal is the perfect resource. We all have our sources of wisdom, but it is always handy to have all the help that one can get!

Overall Experience – 10
Wise Living Journal is a must have tool for every person who believes that there is more to life than getting by on a daily basis. If you believe in doing what it takes to live a better life, then you will find this blog a blessing!


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  1. You can do all of this by changing your habits and living an earth-wise life..Earth-wise living simply means that instead of living a life thats detrimental to the natural world you are in harmony with it. Living an earth-wise life can mean many things . Do you eat food that is fresh free from additives such as artificial colourants and flavours and rich in protein vitamins and minerals?. Do you buy food that is certified to be organically grown?. Instead of buying plastic bags when you shop do you take along reusable cloth bags?. Do you wash your clothes in cold water and dry them in the sun instead of using a tumble dryer?. Do you recycle glass paper and cans?.