Choosing the Right Credit Card for You

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Finding the credit card that suits your needs is not just a matter of signing up for the card that has the lowest interest rates. Of course the interest rate is one of the most important factors to consider in choosing a card, but with the wide variety of credit card products in the market, you have to factor in the other features that credit cards offer in order to find the best one for you. This makes the process tedious since there are so many things to consider and compare. However, you can find the right credit a lot more easily if you know exactly how to go about it.

Start your credit card hunt by understanding your own needs. Why do you really want a credit card? What do you need it for? Do you need it to clean up your finances, or are you simply looking for a card with the lowest interest rate on purchases? Maybe you want to save some money on annual fees, or you have a specific rewards program in mind. By understanding your own needs, you can readily narrow down your choices and go straight to comparing the specific kinds of credit cards you like.

Narrow down your choices further by looking at different bank’s credit cards overview, and now comparing the other important factors such as interest rates and associated fees. In choosing the right credit card for you, all you need is to continue this process until you come up with a handful of cards that you like best. Choose between the remaining credit cards by calling their customer service and clarifying and issues. If there are none, at least the call will give you an idea of which bank offers the best customer service, helping you finally decide on the best card to go with.



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  1. I have student loans of about $7,500 and about $13,000 left on my car loan. I am looking to purchase a house and wondering if there is any way to add my car loan and student loans on to the mortgage?.

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