Why Not?

Why Not – Right?

Why Not – Right?Right. I guess people should ask the question more often and live life with a bit more of this attitude instead of obsessing about everything before doing anything. Why Not – Right? is a personal journal of a girl who asks that question though her reflections on it is not that reflected on her daily posts but on the other two sections of her blog “Our History” and “Their Story”.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

Nice color scheme and a pretty distinct layout. A little photo or some images would be nice but on the whole it looks good enough.

User Friendliness – 10

Very good layout and excellent navigability. This blog is very user friendly with all the necessary links working and easy to find. The Lots O’ Links part though does have LOTS of links and it would have been better if the author used expandable menus.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Very much a personal blog this one reads like a diary and to be honest the posts were either too short or too long. Instead of the blog the more enjoyable sections to read are the “Our History” and “Their Story” pages. The entries are long but it tells a good true story if you take time to read it.

User Info – 5

Just like most personal journals you won’t get much useful information in this blog.

Overall Experience – 8

The blog blog’s layout and look is very good though the content isn’t that noteworthy. However the other pages make up for it and I personally plan on reading the rest of the other pages but am not really sure if I would visit the blog regularly for the regular posts.

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