Antichrist and Minotaur Man

From the title you might assume that this blog would be pretty dark. On the contrary it is actually a very funny blog with lots of crude and politically incorrect jokes.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Nothing earth shattering about the way this blog looks but nothing really bad about it either. Antichrist and the Minotaur Man appear on the header, at least I think that’s their pic, while the rest of the blog’s pretty blah with mostly white text over a black background.

User Friendliness – 7

Average user friendliness. Readable text. Basic navigation links (Archives and Previous Posts). No categories. No link to homepage.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

A really funny blog to read. College life and college humour here. Even the personal posts are usually humorous in nature. If you’re looking for something substantial though you won’t enjoy reading this blog. Warning: Be prepared to read lots of conversations since the author has a penchant for posting his conversations with just about anybody or anything.

Useful Info – 6

I don’t think there’s anything really useful in this blog. If you can use a laugh or two or want to find some funny comics and pics you can head on to this blog.

Overall Experience – 7

The blog claims to contain “Top notch humor to you, the filthy, smut peddling, pedophiles of the world wide web.” but most of the humour I saw wasn’t really that dark. Yes it’s not really intellectual and yes there’s a lot of posts on sex and drunkenness but it is still funny.

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