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Stumbling Through Life with Grace

Its all most can do to stand up after stumbling but the author of this blog has even learned to stumble with grace. Maybe regular visits to this blog will give us insight on how to do the same.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Very nice looking blog. The holiday theme looks really nice and everything, even the navigation menus, are neat and strategically placed. There are enough images and pictures in posts to add to the nice visual feel of the blog too. I just hope that the next theme the author uses will be as pretty as her holiday theme. As far as the other skins go though they look just just as good to me.

User Friendliness – 10

The author made use of expandable menus making for a very neat yet navigable blog. I like it that she has an open sidebar and close sidebar option which makes it doubly easy to use the expandable menus. Archives can also be accessed by month and by category. My only problem is the link to the homepage is not very noticeable.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

This IS an online diary and is mostly about the author’s personal and family life. She tends to go on and on about the event in her life which is alright since her target audience doesn’t seem to be the world but her family and friends. She doesn’t even have ads which shows that she’s into blogging not to create traffic and earn but to simply enjoy it.

Useful Info – 5

Online diary = very little useful info for readers. You can’t blame a diary for not having useful info though since it isn’t what it’s made for.

Overall Experience – 8

Nothing an outstanding blog but a pretty good looking personal journal. The author writes well but as in most personal journals the content will appeal mostly to a close circle of family and friends.

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