Why I Love Chicago

Why I Love Chicago
Why I Love Chicago is the companion blog of a web site with the same name. It is basically a resource blog that provides information about the Windy City.

Visual Aesthetics – 5
Why I Love Chicago recently got a facelift, I am assuming a new template. Perhaps this is why it visuals aren’t that great yet. They are probably still working on the look and other elements. The template has 2 columns, the bigger one containing the posts and the smaller one in the right with ads. There are no visual aids as of yet, and everything is so plain. It is my hope that they will add more visually stimulating elements soon.

User Friendliness – 7
The simplicity of the blog adds to the ease of use. More so, there are not many posts, so it really is not possible to get lost in the blog. However, there are really no tools provided for navigating within the blog. An archives section as well as a category cloud will help.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
While there are only a handful of posts, I can see the huge potential of Why I Love Chicago. The posts are interesting and well-written, and anyone wanting to know more about Chicago will certainly enjoy them.

Useful Info – 10
Another strength of Why I Love Chicago lies in the nature of the content. The blogger has a very good vision and if the posts are more frequent, I see this blog to be a major source of useful information about the city.

Overall Experience – 7
I see Why I Love Chicago as having a very bright future. They just need to work on providing more content and prettifying the blog.



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  1. Hey, thanks for the nice review! Your feedback is super helpful and much appreciated. I did just recently add “Blog Archive” links, and I fixed a handful of visual bugs in the template’s code.

    I’m planning on adding lots of content in the coming weeks and months, so please subscribe to my RSS feed! Thanks again!

  2. I live in Chicago and agree 100% on everything you said! I’ll have to go check out Cesar’s…Pizzaria Uno is great for pizza…and Garett’s for their caramel popcorn!