Whose Blog Is It?


Whose Blog is it Anyway?

Really, whose blog is it anyway? Is it Biscuit and Thumper’s? Neon Tetra and Zebra Danio’s? Or Stephen and Nicky’s? Admittedly, Stephen and Nicky created this blog but the star of almost every entry are their pets or their friends and relatives. Friends and relatives of their pets, that is.

Husband and wife, cat and fish lover, movie addict, and fate believer Stephen and Nicky spend their days remembering Biscuit, playing with Thumper, Hershey, Peanut and their fish family.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

To put it simply, the visuals are appropriate. Not the boring/conservative type of appropriate but creatively appropriate. In this blog, we’ll have none of those entries about the political issues of a particular country which will end with a really hot picture of the author in her red bikini.

User Friendliness – 10

It has all the makings of a really cluttered blog. Fortunately, Stephen and Nicky are somewhat experts in categorizing. Thus, the birth of the main blog, the lovers’ page, the tribute section, the fish space and the cats’ tales. Easy to navigate through and absolutely no problems in finding your way.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

Most of the pet entries are too long if you ask me but they are all written with obvious sincerity you can’t help but finish reading it.

User Info – 6

Good material – for someone planning to write a script for the upcoming movie “Pampered Pets”.

Overall Experience – 9

Warm and fuzzy. Makes you want to rush over to the humane shelter and pick up a few strays or chat on the internet and possibly find your destiny.