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Bloggy Award Winner!

The Man Blog

Man Blog

Easily one of the freshest, most unique humour sites on the web today, the Man Blog manages to get away with the sort of crass, chauvinistic, alpha male humour writing without sounding (too) offensive. A unique blend of satire and allegory, the Man Blog will surely make your ribs crack laughing.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

A solid layout puts the blog’s content first. The three column layout rarely works nowadays but the way the content is situated in the center and the way the subtle contrasts of blacks, whites and oranges draws the viewer’s eyes to the main content gets a well deserved 10. The intentionally awful, edited photos that go with the articles also do a lot to get the readers interested.

User Friendliness – 9

Well-placed sidebar navigation allows the viewer easy access to all the site’s pages. We have a gripe, though, with the fact that the site sometimes displays pop-under advertisements, usually triggered by clicking on links or keying in text at the comment area. That notwithstanding, navigability and usability are above average.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

The blog is not for the faint of heart and will surely strike a nerve in the sensitivities of the more conservative readers. But the blog gets a 10 for providing readers full-length articles which are a rarity in today’s blogosphere which, more often than not, settles for regurgitated content. The unique, deviant humour that the authors utilise in the blog also deserves props.

User Info – 10

Numerous guides for men (among other things) approached satirically and in a humorous light earns this blog a well-deserved 10.

Overall Experience – 10

The generic title of the blog doesn’t do justice to the unique writing styles of the authors of the Man Blog. Trust us on this people. With these guys, you never know what to expect next! Risking the wrath of some…we are awarding the Man Blog a Bloggy Award.