College Student Life


A Day in the life of a College Student

A Day in the Life of a College Student is exactly that: a day in the life of a college student. The mastery of the finer skills (i.e. Dance Dance Revolution), occasional bouts of exam anxiety, and the endless battle against laundry and dormitory catatonia.

Visual Aesthetics – 6

A bit monotonous “grayish” background, a simple banner, no photos. It’s not a bad layout, but not quite the look you’d associate with a college blog. More of a medical brochure, or a bank- but not a young sophomore.

User Friendliness – 7

Downloading is easy and the links are found neatly in one side, but that’s more from the lack of information available on the blog.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

It is probably a great way for this blogger to keep in touch with friends and family, but has limited appeal outside of her circle. There’s not enough details to really make the college experience come alive for the reader and though some entries are interesting, they’re also very rushed.

User Info – 6

There’s very little you can find on the site. You can’t blame her- she’s a college student and has research papers, with real grades, to finish. But it also means the blog looks a little bare.

Overall Experience – 6

I’m sure this blogger has a lot to say, but it’s clear that the reality of college- loads of papers, campus activities, and hanging out with friends- makes keeping a detailed journal of it rather difficult.