Untamed Sanctions

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Untamed Sanctions

Literally a compilation of short stories, this blog offers more than your usual “Dear Diary” entries. Reading about Liza’s life is like reading fiction. You never know what the catch is until the end. Whether categorized under “Creative Writing” or “Reality”, a common equation between her entries is sex and a touch of insanity.

Visual Aesthetics – 5

We can say that the writer leaves the visuals to the readers’ imaginations. Not a single photo in any of those lengthy entries. The entire site is text heavy with a combination of white and a dull shade of gray, which is contrary to its title. The masthead, though, is sleek giving it a slightly professional feel.

User Friendliness – 8

No problem at all. The site has a neat design which even a ten-year old can manipulate. There aren’t too many confusing links, just some leading to her archives, favorite sites, and blogger friends.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

While each story is quite enjoyable, a lot of the entries are too long for comfort. The introductions are usually interesting but one tends to just skim through the whole body in a hurry to find out the ending.

User Info – 6

This is one of those blogs that can really be considered a personal journal. Liza talks of her experiences, which, while they may not be really that interesting, are written creatively enough to spark curiosity. And reading her short stories somehow gave me the strange feeling that she was giving me sexual advice.

Overall Experience – 6

Reading one or two entries in succession can prove to be enjoyable. Reading more than that can be quite dragging. This is the perfect blog to pop into just right before you go to bed.