Bloggy Award Winner





Fun. Fun. Funny. Good good stuff from Bob.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Organized, clean, and cute. The ink drop (if that’s what the cute smiling black blob is) serves as a great as a divider between topics for each post and also gives consistency plus a cute mascot for the blog. The pictures are great too making the blog look colorful and interesting despite the plain white background.

User Friendliness – 10

Very simple and organized layout. Fast loading time. Easy to find navigation features. Clearly defined links. Very readable posts due to big fonts and good spacing. Some posts are pretty long but still user friendly since they are usually cut up into sections according to topic to make the long posts look less intimidating.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

I had a great time reading this blog. The Fan Favorites pages on the sidebar really deserve the special section. If you don’t care to read the other posts just a visit to these pages will make a visit to Bobbarama worth it. This will make you miss out on the other interesting (though not always equally fun) posts. A very witty and fun blog.

User Info – 10

Bloggers will find lots of useful links in this blog. Yes the blog is not cluttered with irritating links but this one has plenty to give out. Go to the Humor Carnival page for links to other fun blogs and to the Time Sucks page for “the coolest links” on the Net.

Overall Experience – 10

Bobbarama deserves the Bloggy Award! A great blog to visit if you need something to chuckle or smile about. The time and energy the author spends on this blog to make it enjoyable for his readers is is time well spent.

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