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The Expat

He’s an Aussie. And he’s living in the Philippines. Not quite an uncommon occurrence, if you know what goes on in the Philippines. It’s a haven for expats of all kinds-whether professionals, businessmen, retirees, or simply people out for good, wholesome fun. This tropical country with a good mix of upscale urban development and quaint rural countryside is considered an ideal vacation spot for those looking for an Asian adventure. Henry, the author, talks about politics, culture, society, tourism, technology, religion, and what-have-you in his blog (even his latest dental appointment, which was quite pleasurable).

And we get a good mix of photographs, commentary, and news?all this in a compact, reader-friendly format.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

The Expat sports a default white-based Blogger template. It?s simple and readable. Not cluttered nor overly snazzy, but nothing to rave about either. Yes, there are advertisements, but all being related to tourism and living in the Philippines, we think they’re relevant and potentially helpful. The fact that the author is fond of using relevant pictures in his posts is definitely a come-on to the readers on the lookout for the happenings in other parts of the world. Being an avid photographer, Henry’s photographs and photo-commentaries are a breath of fresh air from the usual ill-meaning images news sites and sources usually have. The author is fond of capturing the positive side of this country, as well as some of the things that need improvement?with his photographs.

User Friendliness – 8

The blog’s layout and design is reader-friendly enough in terms of contrast and readability. Henry’s posts are not too long for comfort, but not too short for interest, either. Links are prominently highlighted. My only gripe is the lack of usable navigability features. One might find it difficult to move around this blog, as there are no prominent links to the homepage, and the static page links are in small type at the bottom of each post.

Reading Enjoyment – 10

Henry‘s blog deserves a 10 for reading enjoyment, as one does, indeed, get a good peek into life and living in the Philippines both for locals and expats alike. And the Aussie point of view would definitely be appreciated by the author’s compatriots who are likely to be interested in visiting this country sometime.

Useful Info – 9

Whether you’re planning to go to the Philippines to tour, do business, visit friends, or even if you’re just interested about the goings-on in the country, The Expat should be one of the first sites to visit, for its honest, fresh, and interesting perspectives and photographs in the country.

Overall Experience – 9

The Expat caught our interest for being a well-written and well-thought of blog. Even if it’s a relatively new blog, we see the potential of things moving on to high gear very shortly, in terms of readership and activity. It’s a great place to start for anyone interested in visiting the Philippines. And an Australian’s views definitely offer a welcome perspective into the goings-on in the country.