Hazel Tree

Hazel Tree

Under the Hazel Tree

This is a very pretty blog, and yet another personal blog- continuing what seems to be the recent theme of personal blogs. Don’t expect earth-shaking insights, but if you just want the feeling of a cup of tea and a good conversation, this is the place to visit.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

With a nice header and a well-matched dark background with white text, it’s an easy site to read. The olive patterned background feels like a Victorian sitting room, the colors are put together well and it’s just a very comfortable blog space to be in.

User Friendliness – 6

This is a reasonably user-friendly site, but it’s hard to browse. I couldn’t find a link to Previous Posts, as I’m used to in other blogs. There were links to all the different categories for an archive, but no general archive- and I had to look a little harder than usual to find the categories.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

Under the Hazel Tree is a nice read, but nothing outstanding. She does have a variety of interests that you don’t find everywhere (like knitting). It’s about what you’d expect from a personal site.

Useful Info – 6

She has good strong links to some other interesting blogs. She also talks about environmentalism, paganism and some other things- but they’re interspersed with a lot of personal stuff. For a personal blog, this one’s pretty strong on useful info, but I think it could do more.

Overall Experience – 6

Under the Hazel Tree is a nice blog to visit, and I might even like to live there, but it’s not a vacation spot. Come here if you like cozy chatting and a little info on British environmentalism and other topics.

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