The Trump Blog

The Trump Blog

This is the official blog of Donald Trump and Trump University. While the blog feels primarily like a means to some other end (getting you to take classes at TrumpU), there is some useful information. Too bad most of it isn’t coming from Trump himself who blogs on everything but the site topic.

Visual Aesthetics – 9

A professionally designed site that’s very suitable to the business world. The navigation bar integrates the blog nicely into the main sections of the Trump University site. Busts of Donald Trump and his employees give a nice touch of personality to each post.

User Friendliness – 9

The blog is well integrated into the Trump University site. Further, there is an easy, one-click way to subscribe to the blog’s newsletter. And there are some very nice graphic ads that make it easy for you to sign-up for paid instruction. The posts are archived well, but it would be good to have posts categorized. I think Trump’s posts might be categorized as “Off-Topic.”

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Tends to be mostly factual information. Definitely not compelling unless you have an interest in the subject matter. For those of you who are into real estate investing, the information is stimulating. I have to say, however, that one major disappointment is the writing of Trump himself. I don’t really want to hear about drug use on a blog about real estate.

Useful Info – 7

The blog is obviously designed to get the user to pay for further instruction via Trump University. While they wet your appetite with some practical real estate investing advice, you never forgive them for not just letting it all out on the blog.

Overall Experience – 8

It’s hard to love a blog that clearly exists as a means to some other end. While the design is clean and professional, and some of the content is very seductive, you are left wishing the blog was more fully realized for the potential it has as the authoritve source of real estate investing.

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