Da Greyscale World

Da Greyscale World

Da Greyscale World

Enter Namizon‘s world of the grey scale. A mix of rants, raves and ramblings from her latest flick-find to her twilight-zone dorm experience, this blog reflects her generation’s trademark qualities-. Angst-ridden (but with a purpose), creatively edgy and an unapologetic attitude that screams, “Hey! This is me!!”

Visual Aesthetics – 7

The theme is black, white and of course, grey scale. I like the graffiti header which gives you a feel as to how young and edgy Namizon is. She’s into photography and it shows in some of her posts. One glance at her site and you know you’re reading someone real, young and artsy.

User Friendliness – 6

The usual suspects are all present. Some links under the categories don’t lead to anything, while some do. I tried downloading a clip about Microsoft but it didn’t happen.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Namizon is Thai so it’s Thai-English. She lets you into her world, her thoughts and her mind. She comes off as a very westernized, global Thai-student who is very much into her studies, her art and her blog.

Useful Info – 5

It’s a personal blog and she’s pretty straightforward about herself and her interests. Her posts could use more links to give the reader a clearer idea of what she’s talking about.

Overall Experience – 6

Honest and unapologetic about who she is and what she goes through. Namizon’s grey scale world doesn’t feel like a put-on and you somehow get a feeling that you know her already after reading one post. As far as personal blogs go, this one’s just alright.