Theologer is all about practical theology. For those who want to know more about faith and its practical aspects, Theologer is a good blog to get the information.

Visual Aesthetics – 7
Theologer makes use of a three-column template and this makes for a lot of content on one page. It does look quite plain to me in visual terms, though. The background is white and the font black – nothing wrong with that but there are practically no additional elements to the blog. Perhaps black and white images would be good, to keep with the color scheme. The text is too dense as well, with the tendency to make a reader feel overwhelmed.

User Friendliness – 9
Theologer is well organized, with the relevant links found in either of the two leftmost columns. The pages load up with no problem as well. However, the density of the text does take away a bit from the organization. It just looks like it is too much to handle at times.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Roger writes well and seems to engage you in conversation with each post. Even if the topic of some of the posts are quite heavy, it is still possible to enjoy reading them.

Useful Info – 10
There is definitely a lot of useful information in the pages of Theologer – at least in relation to faith and spirituality. I believe that those who are seeking answers to certain things might actually find them here. At the very least, one is in for a very interesting read.

Overall Experience – 8
Theologer has excellent content to meet its target audience’s expectations. It would really do some good for the blog to work out a few things on the visual side, though. Sometimes, the packaging can spell the difference between one delving deeper into the pages of a blog, don’t you think?



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  1. score. that was quick… i appreciate the review… although I still cannot get myself past just how much I love the complete lack of pictures… but this may only be me…

  2. I would beg to differ. I feel that the content of the blog is very Christian (with great quotes and expressions). Yet it is in no sense a theological blog where Church History, Systematic Theology or Biblical exegisis is dealt with.
    hence if we place it as a Christian blog, it would fair high. However, to place it into the category as a theological blog, it pales in comparison to other blogs that have a greater depth in theology. It’s either the blogger doesn’t have great comprehension of theology, or he choses not to go toward that direction. But it’d sure be nice to hear more in depth and thought provoking things rather than things that skim the surface. I feel that there were things whereby he had the capacity to write in a greater depth. But just didn’t word it to fully express it.
    The layout of the blog makes one skew to the right to read the posts. This won’t be a problem if one were to have a large computer monitor. BUt genernally it’s rather unnatural.
    It’s a great Christian blog, but certainly not a theologically rich blog.