Ed Unloaded

Ed Unloaded
Ed Unloaded is the blog of a Singaporean father. In it, he details his life and the lives of his adorable children.

Visual Aesthetics – 9
Ed Unloaded is rife with photos of cute children and other related images within the posts. The header is a bit too big for my liking but the visuals of the rest of the blog are just right.

User Friendliness – 9
The links to the categories, archives, and the blogger’s personal favorites are very handy for navigating the blog. I didn’t have any problems going through the various posts. The only drawback is the load time for some of the pages.

Reading Enjoyment – 9
There were some posts that I could not relate to, but that is to be expected as the blogger and I are different people. However, the posts on fatherhood and children are very enjoyable! Ed writes is a readable manner.

Useful Info – 9
There is a lot of useful insights on parenting in the pages of Ed Unloaded. Not all of the posts can be useful to all readers but parents would love the content.

Overall Experience – 9
I recommend this blog to parents and parents-to-be. The visuals are enticing and the content worthwhile.



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  1. Tks for your useful comments and encouraging words. Will get my children to smile wider for their next shots 🙂

  2. I love your site. The children are simply loveable. I will recommend this site to parents and especiallt daddies- to -be letting the fathers to know that being father is the greatest joy in one’s married life.

  3. This is the most INTERESTING blog! A blog who share about lots of information& his life of being a AWESOME daddy. As well as How he spend his time with his family. I believe you all will enjoy reading his blog. I never fail to read every single of his entries!
    Do drop by! 🙂

  4. I think we need to be really objective here before we inflate the true value of this blog. So hence, lets weigh the pros and cons.
    If you be real objective, it’s not a great blog. It’s just your basic “dear diary, we did this.. and did that”. There are many other blogs that fill in this category. Another thing that has to be pointed is that its either the personality of the blogger is dull or his content does not reflect a vibrant personality to entice people to want to come back.
    Lastly, there are some entries that are obviously taken from opinions of others rather the originality of the blogger.
    The content of the blog is very clean and does not contain any vulgarities (unlike many high traffic blogs). The blogger I suspect is a highly religious man (Christian), yet he does not seem to come as preachy as your atypical Evangelical. I noted that he is taking seminary classes, his lack of writing on theological topics either reflects his attempt to keep the blog light-hearted, or shows his inability to comment on theological topics due to unknown reasons. But this perhaps could easily refuted cause his blog was never intended to be one where he “preaches” in, rather for him to let his reader have a peek into his life. And for others to enjoy his joys alongside with him.
    Rating (out of 10): 7.5
    Overall view – The Bloggersphere needs clean content blogs like this. There should be more promotion and encouragement of such family, religious blogs. Keep up the good work Ed.

  5. I enjoy Ed’s style of writing too! It is one of my personal daily blog reads. As a first-time parent of a 5-month old, his insights on bringing up his 3 kids are also pretty useful for me. Keep up the good work Ed!

  6. This blog bringing me to a higher level of understanding how to become a better son, a future father, a good husband.
    Always inspiring me to move on, reminding me life never is boring.
    From the day I know about this blog, I never stop reading it. ED brings life to people.

  7. This blog is extremely interesting and the pictures of Ed’s children are simply adorable and it will definitely put a smile on your face! And this blog is always so alive! Enjoy reading every entry that he wrote and also by the guest blogger! (:

  8. Edmund’s blog is a site I visit almost everyday. Action speaks louder than words. Visit his site now and I believe that ‘enjoyment’ would spell your experience there! 🙂

  9. I learn and enjoy as I read the entries… And the photos & videos are great esp the ones with your ADORABLE kids!!!

  10. i check out this blog everyday..love seeing a new post! it helps me understand a guy’s point of view about parenting. helps a lot to prepare me for the future!