Im A Fish

Im A Fish
Im A Fish is Pete White’s take on life, making money, and technology. The blog has been online since 2001 and has a lot of content to offer. The blog is actually part of a larger site wherein users can sign up and be part of the group. What I am focusing on, though, is Pete’s blog alone.

Visual Aesthetics – 8
Im A Fish has a very clean look to it. The color scheme’s composed of orange to red hues, black, and white. I really like the logo of Im A Fish – it has all the impact and recall that a blog needs. Overall, though, the blog could use some more relevant images within the posts.

User Friendliness – 10
This is a very strong aspect of Im A Fish. I had no problems with load time. I found it very easy to find my way around the blog as the right column gave me all the information I needed. From the most popular posts to categories to archives – everything is laid out neatly.

Reading Enjoyment – 10
Pete writes in a conversational tone but the information is not sacrificed. He does have a sense of humor that finds its way in the posts. Very easy reading, that’s how one can describe Im A Fish.

Useful Info – 10
Pete’s blog is focused on the UK and has a lot of information – especially on the tech side – to offer its readers. Then again, not all of the content is restricted to his geographical location. In fact, readers from all over the world can pick up a lot of information from Im A Fish.

Overall Experience – 9
Im A Fish is a blog that I would visit as often as I could for the content. It provides you with a lot of information without leaving you overwhelmed. Having survived the blogosphere for 7 years now, it is not a surprise that Im A Fish comes out at the top.


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