The Royal Family


The Queen and her Royal Family

This is her kingdom: Lego blocks, Thomas the Tank Engine Catalogues, the piles of laundry that two small children can mysteriously accumulate despite their Lilliputian size. It can be a Royal Mess sometimes, but this Queen Mother carries it all with a sense of humour.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

The tiara in the corner is a nice touch, and blogs are punctuated with photos of her kids. (Very cute.) Some entries are in different fonts, though, which can be visually jarring.

User Friendliness – 7

It takes a while to download, but aside from that, it’s pretty easy to navigate. You can actually key in phrases to look for a past entry.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

She reminds us of Erma Bombeck, but more hip. And sometimes, more honest. Entries range from a humorous battle of the post-baby bulge to a deeply personal entry on her position on Roe vs. Wade.

User Info – 8

There are links to other blogs, but this is not a site you go to for information. More of a good laugh, a peek at very adorable baby pictures, and (if you’re a mother to a toddler too) the assurance that you have not completely lost your mind.

Overall Experience – 8

It was a pain to download the site, but once it did, the trouble paid off. The entries are very well written, and despite the personal details, strikes a universal chord. Anyone who’s ever had to read Goodnight Moon 6 times in a row or eaten greasy hamburgers for the sake of a free toy will find, in these entries, a glimpse of her frazzled self.