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Quick Online Tips

This blog is a tekkie’s paradise. Latest updates on Google, Firefox and other giants of the Web. Announcements of freebie software and downloads. Reviews and product releases. If you’re interested in web services, technology news, software and tips on smart blogging, this is the place to go.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

A muted brown and white background let the information take center stage. While it’s a very no-frills site (the only “visuals” are the logos on the right side of the page), it’s clean and easy on the eyes. Exactly what you expect from a blog whose main purpose is to give quick and accessible information.

User Friendliness – 9

Each blog entry is a news tidbit with a link to a full article. You scroll down to the topic that interests you most, and ignore the rest. The only thing missing is a good archive where past entries are grouped according to category.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The blog minces no words. Each entry contains two lines that summarize the information you can find by following the link. The articles are well selected for their relevance and usefulness; half of the enjoyment comes from the satisfaction of finding an article you really like but would never have found on your own.

User Info – 10

The blog does a good job of rounding up the latest news and most interesting information. A monumental task, considering how much junk circulates the web on any given day.

Overall Experience – 9

The blogger wades through the swamp that is the Internet to dredge up only the most interesting and relevant news and information. A great, quick way to stay up to date and still have a life beyond the computer screen. Bookmark and check frequently.