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As this blogger knows only too well, Internet Marketing can be a labyrinth of deception- a world of smoke and mirrors, where everything is promised and little is delivered. One day reciprocal linking is good for your site, the next day it is bad. Google Pagerank was supposed to be the end game, now it is just a spectator sport. And the list goes on…..

So where does one go for honest, unbiased and “no axe to grind” help? 99% of all websites offering such help, even under the guise of it being “free”, are trying to sell you something. If not now, then later. Forums? You are as likely to be led astray by some teenager from Turkey as you are put on the right path by an IBM employee.

The Internet Marketing Journal is one place that you can visit and know that you are geting in-depth, updated and balanced information.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

As I write this, the Word Press skin seems to have been changed- so what was an attractive layout of blue is now a rather bland white and a non-descript header, using an all too common theme. Overly commercialised as well, giving way too much glory to the “featured links“.

User Friendliness – 8

Everything works on this blog. Navigation, links, archives and an excellent directory. Clean-cut and professional. Hits the mark efficiently, if not beautifully.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Too much SEO “news“- which for most of us gets tedious after a while. But for insiders- this blog may be a superb read, or for those who want to get into the Internet Marketing rat race.

User Info – 8

One really can learn how to create successful Internet Marketing campaigns. There is comprehensive advice about Internet Marketing, Email, Brand and Interactive Marketing, as well as Search Engine Marketing

Overall Experience – 7

As someone who has searched at great length for a blog that lays out some basic IM techniques without trying to sell me something, I have to say this isn’t bad at all.

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