Meow! This guy loves cats, as evident in his blog’s profile photo. A self-proclaimed free-spirited, spiritual health buff and computer geek, Punk narrates every juicy bit of detail about his life on his blog. From work-related matters to love life, to his day at the gym, you’re sure to get a dose of Punk‘s daily travails in what most would consider an alternative sort of lifestyle. Beware, though, as the blog may not be suitable for reading by kids!

Visual Aesthetics – 5

Punk’s blog uses a default Blogger template. It’s quite plain, though readable. One gripe one would have is that the photos and graphics at the bottom part of the sidebar don’t seem to blend in well with the rest of the layout. We give an average score, since the layout is all right, but not quite something to rave about.

User Friendliness – 6

The blog is readable, with above average contrast levels, and clearly marked hyperlinks, which are of distinct colors from the body text. Aside from this, usability is average, with the blog’s external links, helptext (such as the Blogger profile) and archive links available on the sidebar, and clearly marked. The blog could use a little help in the navigability department, though, as there are no distinct navigation links within static items and the front page.

Reading Enjoyment – 6

About half of Punk‘s articles are written in Filipino, so not everyone would get to appreciate his writings. It’s too bad since Punk‘s blog one can get pretty much an interesting experience reading what Punk has to say, which are also 50% about the intricacies and complexities of one having his “alternative” sexual orientation. One gripe about the writing, though, is the presence of the occasional problems with grammar, which can cause discomfort to the mind of the discriminating reader. The lack of much discussion in terms of quality and quantity is also a disappointment.

Useful Info – 7

Punk is a health buff and apparently a professional in the outsourced industry. One can pick up a thing or two about how the business works. And the author frequently blogs about his experiences at the gym and matters relating to keeping fit.

Overall Experience – 6

We give Pulsar a score of six– a bit above average, but not exactly making the cut. Indeed, it’s a good blog, in that you get to read about the author’s experiences and musings on life and living. But there’s nothing really spectacular there. It’s more of a blog that’s intended to be read and enjoyed by the author’s friends, and not necessarily by the general blog-reading public.