Bloggy Award Winner



All the latest developments in the tech world reported in a non-biased, concise, and very informative manner.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Professional looking would best describe Techcrunch. Simple and well thought out layout. Even the ads manage to add to the visual appeal of the blog most probably due to the strict specs they require from their advertisers. One of the rare sites I’ve visited where the ads have a prominent placing, are very noticeable, and eats a significant chunk of space yet manages not to be irritatingly intrusive.

User Friendliness – 10

Easy navigation. Clear cut descriptive links. Readable posts. Apt images. And reader centered with a Recent Readers Section thats entices first time visitors to join their community.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

A common problem with tech blogs is that the writing tends to get too dry. Kudos to Techcrunch for managing to have a concise writing style that manages to steer clear of that problem most of the time. The blog posts can be appreciated even by “non-tech enthusiasts”. Of course they do have posts that tend to be dry too which is why we give it a 9 instead of a perfect score. I’ve got to say though that the writing is really very professional.

Useful Info – 10

The great thing about Techcrunch is that there isn’t just tons of useful information but that digging in to find specific information on companies and products they’ve written bout is such an easy task. You can do a simple search or you can go to the company index and find all posts related to the company or product you re interested in. One of the most effective categories I’ve seen yet.

Overall Experience – 10

An obvious Bloggy Award Winner. If you need a dose of tech this is one of the best blogs to visit. If you are an advertiser the amount of traffic on this site will ensure that your $10K is money well spent. And if you are a job seeker Techcrunch is a blog that can help you link with people in the tech industry. If you are not motivated by any of the above reasons for visiting Techcrunch then let curiosity bet it. A visit to this blog is always well worth it.

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