Bloggy Award Winner


Canadutch is the personal log of a Canadian girl living in the Netherlands. The author summed up pretty nicely what her blog is all about when she said that Canadutch is “about my life and the struggle to find the balance of adapting to a new culture without forgetting my own.” Well it seems like she’s found her balance and living life well too.

Visual Aesthetics – 10

Very nice. Very neat. Very professional looking. And very user friendly. Great pics, great layout, and great color combination. Everything in the blog looks just right.

User Friendliness – 10

Again everything is exactly where it should be. Very readable text. Clear feature headings. Necessary navigation features all present and easy to find.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

A personal journal that’s actually enjoyable to read. Her posts are well written and other pages make for an interesting read. Be sure to read her Holland page if you want to learn something and be entertained. Anyone who’s a part of a couple will surely enjoy the Spats Page. The images she uses are also always related to her posts and add to the story being told. Good job!

User Info – 9

If you want to know more about Canada and Holland this is a good place to visit for an insiders point of view. You will also learn more about hedgehogs and the other pets the author keeps as well as various trivial facts the author happened to come upon.

Overall Experience – 10

One of the few personal blogs that really deserves a Bloggy Award. I guess the Canada/Netherlands combination is a winner.

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