The Diva Dish

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The Diva Dish

Hollywood stars have always been an object of fascination for many. The things they do that other normal people also do somehow turns special and gets magnified each time – whether the deed is good or bad, but especially if it’s bad. Diva Dish is the blog for people who can’t get enough of the latest Hollywood gossip.

Visual Aesthetics – 8

The color scheme (pink) looks really nice. The sidebar I have mixed feelings about. It’s not as cluttered as some blogs are and the ads are not overly irritating but it can be improved some. Using drop down or expandable menus would significantly make it look better and lessen the already too many links. You would think that since stars are the focus of the blog their photos would enhance the overall look of Diva Dish but just look up at the picture above and you’ll understand why I say that some of the photos make the blog look really unappealing. But since visitors are looking for such juicy photos then you can’t really blame the blog for dishing such ugliness.

User Friendliness – 10

Pretty user friendly with all the key navigation features in place. Subscribing and sharing the posts is also made really easy with the cute useful buttons found at the bottom of each post.

Reading Enjoyment – 9

If you are looking for gossip then you’ll surely enjoy reading Diva Dish and looking at all the photos. The problem is that personally I’m not into celebrity gossip so I can’t give this a 10. Gossip simply lacks substance and the stuff here are just that gossip. It’s not really even news. I’ve got to give it a 9 though because even I can see that the author really chose topics that are highly fascinating.

Useful Info – 7

This blog gets a five for the info part but a two for the useful part, hence a seven. Plenty of info to be found on each and every post but no one can say that any of the info is useful for anything other satisfying one’s craving for gossip.

Overall Experience – 8

Not my type of blog though I can see that for those who are into Hollywood gossip this blog is a pretty good source of the latest gossip. The only problem I can see is that the author seems to have stopped posting new stuff since the last post is dated November 2006. Nothing new at all for December.

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