In My Head

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Sometimes In My Head

Sometimes I wish the man in my bed actually loved me…” the blogger muses in the website headline, “While waiting, I’ll entertain myself dissecting our relationship in a completely obsessive way..” Well, at least she’s upfront about it. Share in the angsty ups and downs of love, from love at “first fight” to the strange compulsion to Google your ex.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

Stylized rubber duckies coupled with pen and ink illustrations create a sometimes kooky, sometimes edgy layout. Sort of like the blog entries themselves.

User Friendliness – 8

Downloading is a breeze, and the very simple and organized layout makes it easy for even first-time visitors to find what they need.

Reading Enjoyment – 7

Obsessive she called it, and obsessive it is. Nevertheless, the writing is entertaining, and (though you dare not admit it) you’ve probably felt and thought the same thing at one point in your dating life. But entry after entry on the mysterious “J” can get a bit, er, tedious… This blog is best read in short bursts, rather than one long sitting.

User Info – 6

Some links to other blogs, but sadly, no information or articles.

Overall Experience – 7

Good (and sometimes insightful) writing elevate this blog from the typical diaries of boy-crazy high school girls to an interesting reflection on love, anxiety, and How Weird Men Can Be. The gift for detail and narrative would probably make this blogger a decent novelist. If only the plot were a little broader, though…