Crumble Pie


My Crumble Pie

Take a lot of crumbs, says this blog author, and put together, you get pie. It’s a good metaphor for this delicious mix-match of reviews, quizzes, and celebrity gossip. A short but sweet read for those days in the office when you need a light, no-calorie treat.

Visual Aesthetics – 7

A stylish cappuccino background (to go with the pie theme?), with a very modern illustration that captures the spirit in which the blog is written. Unfortunately, photo selection for the entries are hit-or-miss. Formatting can sometimes be inconsistent.

User Friendliness – 8

Fun writing style makes for easy reading, and the fonts are large and don’t strain the eyes. Links are clearly categorized for effortless navigation. Lack of photos can sometimes be a plus for those with slower browsers.

Reading Enjoyment – 8

The quizzes are just like the ones you (secretly) hope to find in women’s magazines  – like “Which Gilmore girl are you?” or “Which celebrity do you look like?” Like apple pie, this blog will soon be a favorite guilty pleasure.

User Info – 8

The links section isn’t as extensive as it could be, but you don’t generally go to this blog if you’re in a researching kind of mood. More of a “I don’t want to think for the next ten minutes” craving for some sweet nothings.

Overall Experience – 8

Reminds us of those all-night slumber parties where you talk about silly, girly stuff while doing each other’s fingernails. Definitely worth a visit when you’re tired, cranky, or just taking yourself too seriously.