Smoke and Mirrors


Smoke and Mirrors

The cigar toting, Guinness drinking author of this blog, Michael, enjoys sharing the mundane and the not so average events in his life via this electronic arena. His snappy humor and profound thoughts on the ordinary are anything but commonplace. Michael will keep you entertained as well as give your mind a good workout with his wit and play with words.

Visual Aesthetics ? 5

The very simple black and white theme will certainly not cut it in this day of flamboyant blog designs and it absolutely does not reflect the tone of the creator’s cheery disposition. A little color here and there would do wonders.

User Friendliness ? 7

It is easy to find your way around this blog because everything is laid out in front of you in black and white, literally. There are no fancy irrelevant links to confuse the reader and everything is efficiently categorized.

Reading Enjoyment ? 8

I enjoyed reading the entries because of the wit, humor and one liners. Most of all, I enjoyed the author’s whole hearted acceptance of everything in his life which he embraces so passionately.

Useful Info ? 8

Michael deals with various topics in this blog but the one that caught my attention was the category about Alzheimer’s disease. He chronicles the development of the disease that afflicted both his parents. His insights would prove invaluable to an average person who’s also dealing with this disease in his or her family.

Overall Experience ? 7

I find the author’s lack of pretentious rantings very refreshing. The candidness that radiates throughout the whole blog does inspire the reader to come up with his or her own honest opinion about their respective lives. Although the presentation of the blog is kind of lame because of the lack of color and animation, the content more than makes up for it, which I think is what the author was going for.