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Man Utd Blog

Well if you don’t like football, or soccer as it’s known in the States, then don’t bother even visiting this blog. In fact, even if you are a footie fanatic, but not a Man Utd supporter- then this blog will either hold no interest for you at all or even upset you quite some! Ah…but such is the power of being a Bloggy Award reviewer, that one’s own tastes tend to dictate the evaluation- and this one just happens to be RED as they come! So if you are gripped by the daily events of Manchester United football club, this one is most definitely for you. Unlike most MU related blogs out there, it is religiously updated on a daily basis with the latest news and, deliciously, it is 100% biased and non-objective.

Visual Aesthetics ? 9

The MU blog skin is not a unique design. It is a customised version of the China Red theme, as displayed in the winning gallery at Nevertheless, it works well for the United flavour, the official MU club badge and a classic photographic pose of a certain young Mr Wayne Rooney. So no awards for design here, but sometimes leaving a good thing untouched is wise and I would say that this is the case here.

User Friendliness ? 9

As mentioned in Visual Aesthetics, this is a basic WordPress theme and as such works pretty well in terms of navigation and layout. Competent- no great design genius.

Reading Enjoyment ? 10

Excellent!! The latest news, gossip, analysis and Chelsea-bashing aplenty! Truly, being a Man United supporter is nothing short of religious frenzy.

Useful Info ? 10

I guess it depends what one defines as “useful”. For George Bush and Tony Blair– probably not. But hey- today is the start of the World Cup!!

Overall Experience ? 10

Leaving all personal bias aside, this is still a good blog. Well constructed, well written and takes the high road. What I mean is that it doesn’t resort to the sort of pettiness and synthetic hooliganism that is so rife amongst footie blogs. Plus it’s regularly updated- which helps. There is obviously a strong link between Manchester United Blog and its famous Asian star, Ji-Sung Park– I suspect the same website owner. This, funnily enough, works out as a plus- giving the blog an extra flavour of Korean mania. And it might also explain the blog’s meteoric rise to popularity. On balance, the blog deserves a Bloggy Award for capturing and taking home its niche market, without scoring any own goals!!